Some things are best served with beer. As the Australian victor of the recent Stella Artois World Draught Masters Championship, Andrew Noll is better placed than most to match the Belgian beer to food.

“When it comes to food pairing,” Noll says, “you’ve got cutting, complementing and contrasting. Stella Artois is really good for cutting through creamy sauces and mustards.”

With Stella Artois partnering with us on The Broadsheet Restaurant, Noll stopped by to run through the menu with us and suggest a few dishes that match with the beer. The first dish to catch his eye was the Cape Grim Beef Burger from The Kettle Black. “It’s got the house-made mustard and relish,” notes Noll. “So pairing it with Stella Artois is a really good way to cleanse the mustard flavour and then come back and experience it again.”

For cutting flavours, Noll also suggests the beer alongside the Red Wine Braised Beef Short Rib by Huxtable. "Also, it goes well with seafood because it’s a very crisp beer, so it would be really good with the whole baked flathead.”

Noll considers Stella Artois’ taste to be quintessentially Belgian. “There’s the malty middle, a really crisp finish and it has a subtle bitterness in that finish. And that spicy hop character – it’s all quite subtle.” Noll says this kind of versatile profile is also suits hotter dishes, such as curries. “It pairs really well with intense Asian flavours, so would go perfectly with the Roasted Yellow Duck Curry from Coda and the Golden Maharaja Vegetable Curry by Tonka.”

Noll says the pilsner’s cleansing function isn’t limited to complex flavours. From the sides selection, Noll thinks Coda’s Bitter Winter Greens would pair well, to balance out the tartness. Surprisingly, there's even a match for dessert. “I’d have it with the Salted Caramel Gelato by Pidapipo as a cleanser for the saltiness.”

This piece is presented by Stella Artois. Head to La Societe for more information.