There are few new openings that sum up Sydney’s current food trends quite like Weston Eatery. A quick scroll through the menu and you’ll find the city’s new regulars – matcha hotcakes; elaborate, dessert-inspired French toast; burgers; an eggless, green breakfast bowl, and mac‘n’cheese pumped with bacon bits. Casual, pretty, accessible and confusingly straddling the line between cafe and restaurant.

“The reason we called ourselves an eatery from the beginning, not a cafe or restaurant, is that we wanted to have free reign to do what we want,” says chef and co-owner Hung Le. He is in the business with David Duong, a school friend and personal trainer. Originally they were set on opening a burger restaurant. Thankfully they didn’t because now Canley Vale, where the two owners grew up, is getting much more. “We'd been planning to open a place in the area for ages. It was really lacking in any venues like this,” says Le.

Their menu may be typical of new cafes but the execution is far from standard. The signature fried chicken burger is perfectly crisp and rich, balanced with a necessarily tart Granny Smith apple slaw, kimchi and coriander. The matcha hotcakes, despite being smothered in a green tea and white chocolate sauce, are bravely bitter.

Dinner is still being workshopped but is currently based around burgers, mac‘n’cheese, a truffle-buttered scotch fillet and a sweet, cured salmon fillet with soba noodles. Le hints at nine-hour slow-braised wagyu short ribs and themed nights in the future. “We'll do truffle days when they're in season. We'd like to do a Sunday roast with a spit at the back and Yorkshire puddings. We’ll be getting into it once the heat’s gone.”

The subtle chrome, plywood and pastel design from first-time interior designer Julie Le (also Hung’s wife) pushes the cafe focus, along with the prominence of the pastry cabinet (filled with Brasserie Bread) and espresso machine, using Double Roasters beans.

Weston Eatery
2/4 Canley Vale Road, Canley Vale
(02) 8102 3812

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