If you’re a lover of burritos but a hater of getting off your couch, Danny Burrito might be the answer.

Danny Burrito is currently a Pozible campaign that, if funded, promises to deliver tortilla goodness to your door in 15 minutes via GPS.

This is how it works: you order the burrito on the app, the satellite kitchen closest to you will get the order and 15 minutes later, a toasty burrito will be in your hot little hands.

The guys at Danny Burrito have created a nifty little canister to make sure your food is at the perfect temperature when it arrives. You can also track your precious burrito with the app to see how far away it is.

The idea for the delivery app came from a love of burritos. Using a bicycle courier seemed archaic at first, but when combined with technology, the idea is fresh and inventive.

Now, are you going to make it happen?

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