Bernadette Jenner and her partner Simon McCrudden began to research the Australian truffle, discovering that it only grew three months of the year, but that the quality was on par with the French truffle. Most of the local product was being used overseas to compensate the Northern Hemisphere summer, when their truffle was out of season.

“We wanted to make the Australian truffle accessible,” Jenner says, “and also to showcase the difference in the truffles that grow across Australia.”

Whether your truffle comes from Tassie or WA, its flavour complexity will vary slightly, and McCrudden and Jenner can educate their customers by using a whole range of truffles in their products.

“A lot of people love the truffle, but they don’t know what to do with it,” Jenner says. With the opening of the Sydney shop, the duo has increased its production more than ever since opening five years ago.

“We really wanted to make our offering comprehensive,” says Jenner.

Located in Surry Hills next door to Pasta Emilia, all products sold at Madame Truffles are made with extra grade Tuber Melanosporum (French Black Truffle), the highest quality truffle in Australia. You wont find any synthetic oils or essences.

Products range from the basics, such as truffle salt, to popcorn sold with truffle butter to be melted at home and poured hot. There is also ravioli with shrimp potato and truffle. But perhaps the most illusive is the truffle ice cream; you’ll be surprised, Jenner promises. “It has a delicate truffle aftertaste.”

Madame Truffles will be open until August 30.

Madame Truffles
259 Riley Street, Surry Hills
0430 017 480

Wed to Sun 9am–5pm