In Japan, a bento box is more than just a way to quell the inevitable hunger of lunch hour. Great importance is placed upon the aesthetic arrangement of the box’s contents, in order to sufficiently whet the eater’s appetite. In keeping with the age-old adage that the surest way to one’s heart is through their stomach, when a person eats a bento made by a loved one, it is said that the preparer’s feelings are communicated through the dish. If this is the case, Melbourne-based jeweller Lucy Folk’s latest Japanese-inspired offering, Bento, is pure love. Neatly and tantalisingly compartmentalised.

A collaborative effort between Folk and Little Dragon front-woman Yukimi Nagano, the duo have re-imagined sesame seeds, green tea, wasabi broad beans, soybeans, sticky rice and jasmine into non-perishable steel, resin, silver, silk and brass formations. Dainty rings dotted with a single bead of rice are best worn stacked to create what Folk terms a ‘rice party’, whilst the vibrantly coloured Pepper Chain bracelets bring to mind the flavours of seaweed, salmon roe and ginger.

The ready-to-wear nibbles of the Bento collection are showcased to irresistible effect in a fashion film directed by Antoine Wagner, starring Nagano alongside famous faces including blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble and models Tolula Adeyemi and Leah Wood. What begins as a dignified bento-eating contest spirals into the prettiest food fight on record, complete with sorbet hued rice and precision-sliced jelly cubes.

As the Japanese say, itadakimasu! Let’s eat!

Lucy Folk x Yukimi "Bento" from Susie Bubble on Vimeo.