Lucky Suzie may have the least archetypal brunch menu in Sydney, but that's the way owner Zacharay Tan wants it. Benon Kim (head chef) is not there to make muesli, scrambled eggs or smashed avocado; he wants to do South East Asian breakfasts, and well.

Just like you’d find in Malaysia’s coffee shops early in the morning, the staples here are kaya toast and congee. Kaya, a custard-like coconut spread, is made from Tan’s mum’s recipe. It’s slathered on thick-cut, white toast with butter. Chop that up and dip it in the accompanying bowl of soft-boiled eggs and soy. Here congee, something of a cafe trend now, is more traditional than the other cafes’ versions; this one is porridge-like, with a good kick of chicken stock and is topped with tender crab, crispy dried shrimp and garlic soy.

It wouldn’t be a Zacharay Tan menu without a Japanese twist, though. Here, it’s mentaiko pasta, a creamy dish with cod roe and shisho. Tan makes his pasta – a squid-ink spaghetti – in-house, and serves it with scallops and strands of nori. Also borrowed from Tan’s other venues (Devon Cafe in Surry Hills and Barangaroo), is the coffee offering – it’s Devon’s house-roasted blend.

Lucky Suzie
78 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 7901 0396

Daily 11am–3pm