The owner of LPs Quality Meats, Luke Powell, says the last time Canadian culinary star Matty Matheson visited Australia the Chippendale diner smoked a lot of meats for him.

The maverick chef turned TV and internet personality visits Australia often and will be here on Sunday for what is likely to be a give-no-shits candid show at the Factory Theatre. He’s hanging around on Monday June 24 before heading to Melbourne, and will do a collaborative lunch with Powell at his inner-west smokehouse.

“When we saw he was coming out again we said it would be wicked to catch up and do something,” Powell told Broadsheet. “We thought it could be more fun if it was a casual sandwich party.”

There will be two things on the menu: a smoked-meat sanga, and beer from Marrickville’s The Grifter Brewing Co.

Powell says the sandwich – available until sold out – is made using top sirloin that will be seasoned with salt and pepper and smoked for about six hours in the diner’s smoker, which was shipped over from Texas, and is huge. “It can fit 150 chickens in it,” Powell told Broadsheet in 2014 when it opened. It burns whole logs to imbue the meat with a rich, smoked flavour.

A house-made sweet barbeque sauce will be added to the bun, along with Matheson’s classic cheese sauce and a horseradish cream.

The lunch kicks off at 11.30am and is first come, first served. We asked Powell how many sandwiches they’ll be making. “Definitely in the hundreds,” he says, which doesn’t sound like that many considering they’ll probably be popular.

There’s another issue: it’s happening on a Monday in the middle of the day – a difficult event to get to if you’re working. Should people take the day off in the pursuit of sandwich perfection? “Yes! Take the day off.”

Matty Matheson and Luke Powell’s Smoked Meat Sandwich will be available on Monday June 24, 11.30am until sold out, at LP’s Quality Meats, 12–16 Chippen Street, Chippendale. All proceeds from the sandwiches will be donated to Two Good, a buy-one-donate-one not for profit supporting women affected by domestic violence.

Matty Matheson will talk at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville on Sunday June 23. Tickets here.