Bondi’s hole-in-the-wall takeaway bagel joint, Lox in a Box, has introduced delivery so you can have its very fine bagels without leaving your house.

While Lox in a Box is only open three days a week (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), you can place a delivery order for bagels seven days a week. But because owner Candy Berger also runs catering business, Fed Kitchen, on those other days, Lox in a Box has a six-bagel minimum order. “It’s great for when you and your friends or your colleagues want bagels for lunch,” she tells Broadsheet.

There are three different delivery options to choose from. The Pre-Made Bagel Box is just as it sounds, where you pick one of the three house-created bagels. Choose from the classic lox (cured salmon, herbed cream-cheese schmear, tomato, capers and onions); salad (jalapeno schmear, tomato, carrot, beets, rocket, onion and cheddar); and a salt-beef number with mustard and pickles. Each comes with a side of pickles, crinkle-cut chips and a drink, and will set you back $22 (it’s an extra $2 for a gluten-free bagel and an extra $2 for vegan schmear).

The second option is a Build-Your-Own Box (BYOB). “We supply you with the bagels, packets of house-cured lox, hot salt-beef and all the sides. You can add whatever you like to this box, such as salads, dips, babka [a yeast cake made from twisted dough, usually with chocolate or cinnamon] and drinks,” says Berger.

The third option is only available on Fridays. “We call it the Shabbox,” she says cheekily, in reference to Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath which runs from Friday night to Saturday night. “Traditionally, Jewish people gather together on a Friday night and typically eat very similar entrees all around the world. So we decided on a Friday to do a delivery service so the host could focus on the main part of their meal.”

It comes with freshly baked challah (braided bread), lox, pickles, lemon wedges, Pepe Saya butter and a couple dips. The Shabbox comes in three sizes, starting from $80.

There are heaps of sides you can add to any order as well, including dips, egg mayo, pickles cucumber salad and more.

Berger – who is Jewish and grew up in California – sources her bready stars from nearby Wellington Cake Shop, where Leslie Brull has been making Hungarian baked goods for 40 years. For her lox, she worked for months with marine maestro Stephen Hodges from Fishface to perfect the house speciality.

Asked whether they’ll ever go on Deliveroo or Uber eats so people can order a single bagel, the answer, at this point, is no. “For now we are working on an app so you will be able place an order and then come to our window Friday to Sunday to beat the queue.”

Orders should be made 24 hours in advance and the delivery zone includes from Bondi to Enmore and North Sydney (email for a delivery fee outside these areas).

This article first appeared on Broadsheet on February 20, 2020. Menu items and prices may have changed since publication.