After the successful opening of Spice Alley’s Lower Mekong, it was only a matter of time before Dr Stanley Quek, the Executive Chairman of Greencliff, would shift his focus above. Mekong, a more refined restaurant counterpart, has opened upstairs, completing the Indochinese street-food package.

Both eateries are inspired by the cuisine of the Mekong River’s Vietnamese banks, but they offer two different South East Asian experiences.

“The building acts as a traveling feast up the Mekong River, embracing the different food cultures from each of the bordering regions,” says the creative director of Kensington Street, Nicky Ginsberg.

Lower Mekong is a casual, Vietnamese street-style eatery, and Mekong offers a more sophisticated Thai, Laotian, Burmese and Cambodian menu and vibe. Former Mama's Buoi and Alphabet St chef, Tiw Rakarin, runs both kitchens. With a fine-dining and European background, Rakarin has created simple but innovative dishes, such as his Vietnamese rice-flour cups with smashed bean, or the Laotian sour pork sausages.

Mekong is testing out the waters for two weeks before it sets sail towards an official launch. The restaurant is open to the public for bookings and feedback is not only welcome, it’s encouraged.

Mekong is offering 50 per cent off all meals before the launch, so the public can try the Indochine share plates and help shape the concept.

The menu has been designed around share plates such as squid-ink dumplings in a clear broth as a starter, and a crispy Lao omelette stuffed with sliced pork and soy chili sauce as a main. Leave room for desert. There’s a decadent rosewater lychee mouse with mango puree and meringue drops.

Pre-launch dates
April 21 until May 7.

Thu to Sat 12pm–3pm
Tue to Sat 6pm–10pm

For bookings email