Dear Delicious is the new kid on the Dulwich Hill block, taking up the large corner spot directly opposite the train station on Wardell Road.

Although only four months old, owners Greg and James Vikiarellais have created a space that is both charming and comfortable. Stark, industrial interiors are offset by colourfully patterned scatter pillows and butter-cup yellow chairs. The décor is relaxed, fresh, and not overly fussy, with an open kitchen perfectly creating an air of spaciousness – perhaps testament to Greg’s former position as owner of Pure Bronte Pistachio at Bronte Beach.

“After I sold that cafe, I took two years off travelling around NSW,” says Greg.

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“I found that there’s so much good produce in the state and everything is so close by, so we opened up a big place in an area that’s expanding rapidly to show all that off.”

The menu has been devised collaboratively by Greg and head chef Kahlil Perazzo. Drawing on organic, ethically sourced produce, some of which comes from the veggie patch out the back, the creative menu offers more than just standard cafe fare. The organic chicken burger comes with kale slaw rather than lettuce, and the layered rhubarb and orange blossom pistachio labneh parfait is a perfect combination of tart and sweet, with subtle flowery undertones. Currently only serving breakfast and lunch, Dear Delicious will open for dinners on November 28, and will continue every Friday after that date.

“Kahlil and I come up with the ideas together, but he brings them all to fruition. It’s a constantly evolving menu. We’re both always looking to try new things,” says Greg.

While local bakeries provide savoury breads and baked sweet things, Greg spends time in the kitchen crafting handmade crème caramels with coconut cream. Dear Delicious also boasts homemade gelato in a variety of flavours, providing a welcome reprieve from the oft-oppressive inner-west heat.

Dear Delicious

245 Wardell Road, Dulwich Hill


Mon-Fri, 6am - 4:30pm

Sat: 7am - 4pm

Sun: 8am - 3pm