Having pizza home-delivered is the kind of ritual best savoured for those times at the end of a long day when you find yourself with a distinct aversion to being in the kitchen or any public space. But when it’s been a particularly hard day, there should be a little more alleviation alongside that cardboard box. Enter Love Supreme.

The Paddington pizza joint, which is almost always abuzz, offers “emotional pizza for one and all”. But more importantly, it has recently begun to offer a delivery menu that includes boutique Italian wine.

Select from one of the dozens of bottles on their list and a mere phone call or email can put you in touch with a Tuscan or Sicilian drop – just knock $10 off their listed bottle prices. Don’t forget that their food offerings span insalata, pasta, antipasti and a pair of impressive desserts – it’s a little more comprehensive than your average delivery service. Pizzas are minimal on ingredients to maximise the flavours, and with creative combinations like Leone (lamb sausage, silverbeet, harissa, provolone) or Big Brother (potato, caramelised onion, dolcelatte gorgonzola) alongside a nice bottle of red, there’s a lot to be gained with so little effort.

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Love Supreme Wine and Pizza Delivery
180 Oxford Street, Paddington
(02) 9331 1779 or order@lovesupreme.com.au

Mon to Thurs noon–11pm
Fri & Sat noon–midnight
Sun noon–11pm