At Love Crepe, there’s no pastiche of French imagery and landmarks, no checkered tablecloths, cheap ice-cream or beret-wearing waiters. The only typical things here are the Nutella jars that line the counter.

“I didn't want it to look like a traditional crepe place,” says Mike Kondilis, Love Crepe’s owner (he’s joined in the business by his brother, Nick). Love Crepe specialises in handheld, Greek-style crepes. “They have a different texture, it's more pancake-y. The French are more waffle-like,” says Kondilis. Just as on the streets in Greece, these are sold not with knives and forks but in a wrapped cone-shape, like a kebab.

Inside the crepes there’s Nutella, banana and biscuits; dark chocolate (Valrhona, no less), strawberries and coconut; or the extremely messy and enjoyable namesake crepe with white chocolate, buttercream, banana, dulce de leche, crumbed biscuits and vanilla gelato. The gelato is made in-house. “At most places it’s likely to be bought ice-cream. That's fine, but we wanted to go the extra step,” says Kondilis.

Not only have the brothers studied at the acclaimed Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, they have also brought back their teacher, ex-El Bulli pastry chef Francesco Giordiano to help them create the gelato. With Jersey milk and fresh ingredients as the base of each flavour, it’s stylistically similar to other newcomers Gelato Franco or Ciccone and Sons, but softer in texture and more experimental flavour-wise. In the future Kondilis might do savoury crepes with avocado and salmon gelato.

The décor is all concrete, neon and tiles – it looks more like a design studio, or a modern diner. “We're battling against the stereotypes,” he says. “I just wanted people to feel like it's professional and fresh.”

Love Crepe
Shop 1, 104 Miller Street, Pyrmont
(02) 8065 6058

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