A new cold coffee has popped up in cafes around Sydney. Not to be confused with cold drip, Elixir Specialty Coffee is packaged in clear, tall, jars.

It uses two ingredients – filtered water and coffee – and will give you a buzz similar to Oolong or Yerba Mate tea. However, the story behind the drink, as well as the production method, is a secret.

Lee Safar, the entrepreneur behind Elixir Specialty Coffee has kept a tight lid on what goes into the making of the beverage and will do so until after its upcoming launch in LA – perhaps a clever marketing ploy to increase interest. With the consistency and colour of tea, it tastes like a milder version of (cold) filter coffee. The single origin we sample, Ethiopia Kochere, has fruity notes and a caramel after-taste. The sharpness of black coffee isn’t there – it’s far lighter and more refreshing but the flavours are still complex.

It has already received the seal of approval by some of Sydney’s baristas. Daniel Jackson, co founder of Edition Roasters says the response to the new beverage has been positive, “We love it, the customers love it and we are proud to be part of this new coffee category.”

Chris Karvelas, of Harry’s Bondi says that there really is nothing else like it. “People love it, it’s a new category of coffee. It’s a stand-alone product. People enjoy its health qualities and that it’s lighter than full-bodied alternatives.”

Karvelas says, “It’s coffee, but people think of it as tea.”

Elixir Specialty Coffee is set to launch in LA on June 4 and can be purchased in Sydney from Edition Coffee Roasters, Kitchen by Mike, Suzie Q Coffee, Harry’s Bondi, The Wedge Espresso, The Farm Wholefoods, Almond Bar and soon to be available at Just Organics.