It’s a familiar feeling for the overindulgent drinker – getting up from the table, heading to the bathroom and feeling like the room is spinning around you. Not a pleasant experience. Well, with O Bar and Dining, there’s a far more sophisticated manner in which to experience such a sensation (with the added bonus of sobriety).

Perched on the 47th floor of the Australia Square tower, O is Sydney’s second most famous revolving restaurant, after Westfield’s cloud-busting dining experience. Spin is a rather overexcited way to put how quickly O turns. It’s quite a gentle amusement ride, and is most noticeable when leaving the table for a trip to the bathroom. Upon exiting the WC, your table is halfway around the restaurant, as the central pillar housing the bathrooms, kitchen and lifts remains motionless while the outer ring turns to offer a 360 degree view of Sydney’s city and inner suburbs.

Former Bennelong chef Michael Moore has rebranded the former Summit bar and dining experience, which existed for 44 years and was a tad tired. O is pretty snazzy, like a Bond villain’s secret penthouse – all plush leather chairs, oval lamps and black surfaces. Of course, people aren’t there for the décor but the panoramic view, which at night seems like a carousel of Sydney’s neons and harbour waters.

The bar menu is tapas-esque, with the obligatory sliders and mini-burgers, while the restaurant area is obviously much more upmarket. Interestingly, the drinks prices aren’t too hefty, despite the lofty location, and are on par with nearby locations such as the ground level Ryan’s Bar, which only offers views of suited businessmen and concrete.

O Bar and Dining isn’t just for tourists and trader types and perhaps suffers from its vertically remote location in that it misses a lot of foot traffic on George Street. But it’s impressive nonetheless, and not so dizzying.

O Bar and Dining
Floor 47, Australia Square, 264 George Street, Sydney
(02) 9247 9777

Bar: Daily 5pm–late, Wed to Fri lunch from noon
Restaurant: Daily 6pm–late, Wed to Fri lunch from noon