Occupying an easy-to-spot corner of Waverly along Bronte Road, Ruby’s Diner – arguably the friendliest spot in the east, has seen some big changes of late. After taking over the space next door and knocking down the wall, the cafe has doubled in size, lending much more room for the staff to experiment with some new tricks.

Owned and run by Ed Devlin and his wife Emma Knowles, the team is excited about the evolution of the space, which has been brushed with a striking beachy blue mural thanks to sign writer and artist Steve Smith. Knowles comments that the mural is an expansion on “his previous work in Ruby's Diner, and incorporates a few new elements - we were after a kid's treasure map and he has definitely taken the theme and run with it!” The mural lends a lovely, fresh feel to the space, which is filled with natural light and clean white tables topped with some decorative green pineapple fronds. Some dangly green plants hang from a corner or two, and it’s a dangerously easy spot to while away a weekend morning with the newspaper.

“The larger space means that we have greater capacity in terms of what the kitchen can do (previously the chefs worked wonders out of a very tight space) and also what we can offer drinks- and coffee-wise,” says Knowles, who’s created a few summery flavours of house-made sparkling cordial for the cafe, like pine-lime or fragrant peach and rose. A slow-brew bar incorporates pour overs, Moccamaster filter brews and cold-drip coffees, and Ruby’s casual, vibrant menu has been lightened up a little (don’t fret, the burger is still there). Some raw dishes have been added to shake things up, and old-school sundaes have been added to a short dessert menu.

“So far we've had great response from the locals,” says Knowles. “The bigger space seems to encourage people to linger a little longer, which is great to see. Everyone is excited about the new space (staff and customers alike), which is creating a really great vibe for everyone.”

Ruby’s Diner
173-179 Bronte Road, Waverley

Daily 7-4pm

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