This weekend is your last chance to enjoy Sydney’s late-night bars before the upcoming lockout restrictions, which are being implemented on Monday February 24. We’ve collated a list of our favourite late-night bars that are soon to be affected, so you can make the most of them while you can.

Goodgod Small Club
Late night Havana-style tropical oasis with a heaving dancefloor is situated in the heart of Sydney’s Spanish Quarter. The Club’s timber flooring is a dark, intimate, cave-like space and the perfect place to cut some shapes.

Frankie's Pizza
This much loved pizza parlour slash ’80s rock den is decked out like a cheesy Italian restaurant complete with checkerboard floor, wooden booths and red and white tablecloths. Push through the double saloon doors and you'll enter a large, dimly lit room with more concert posters than a teenager’s bedroom. This relaxed establishment draws a loyal following and is packed out every weekend.

Cliff Dive
Cliff Dive is a tiki-style dance hall, replete with sunken dance floor, hanging fish and tropical cocktails. With DJs most nights of the week, dive in to the dance floor and groove among the fishes.

LOW 302
LOW 302 is a small blues and jazz bar with delicious bar food (the kitchen is open until late). A small stage in the corner regularly hosts live music of the blues, jazz and rock variety, making this a lively but inviting venue.

Palmer & Co.
Palmer & Co. is a prohibition-style bar (ring any bells?) that transports you, first underground and then to a different time, harking back to yesteryear in its styling of food, drinks, décor and even glassware. Celebrating a time when liquor was prohibited but flowed free.

Hello Sailor
Hello Sailor’s theme isn't subtle (and the sailor suit-clad waitresses are a bit much), but the décor and vibe is all in good fun. So if you're looking for somewhere to spend your shore leave, dock at Hello Sailor.

Oxford Art Factory
38-46 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9332 3711
Oxford Art Factory has it all, it’s a bar, a club, a live music venue and an art space. Catch a live gig, hit the dancefloor and take some photos in the old school photo booth before home time.

With views over Oxford Street, it's the balcony that makes a trip to Lo-Fi worth it. With a terrace decorated with coloured light bulbs it's an ideal spot for a tipple come summer. This beaut attracts an extremely diverse crowd and everybody seems hell bent on having a good time.

The Standard
The Standard is a purpose-built venue for music: a great big warehouse space with plenty of room. Two bars provide the booze, a mezzanine level affords terrific vantage points, and a stadium-style seating area offers an ultra-comfy way to watch a show. But it's not just about music: the venue hosts comedy, theatre, visual arts, burlesque and other events.