Inventive, produce-driven eatery Pinbone will close the doors on its Jersey Road life on August 2 after a mutual agreement with the venue’s owners. Head chefs Jemma Whiteman and Mike Eggert, and manager Berri Eggert, will look for a new space after a short break.

The Woollahra space, owned by James Hird, Todd Garratt and Traci Trinder of Vincent and Wine Library, will likely be sold. The Pinbone team had the option of buying but they decided instead to move on. “We don’t feel like we’re closing or shutting, just moving. We’re really excited about it, actually. It will be a kind of holiday for us,” says Mike. He says the trio will stay together for their next venture, which will be a very similar concept. “The three of us started Pinbone. We have no plans for changing the format, we work really well together.”

After running Wednesday - Saturday dinners and an exceptional Sunday brunch service, Eggert says they are now thinking of splitting the business across two sites; a cafe and a restaurant. While team has a few ideas for what to do next, nothing is set in concrete.

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Eggert says he’d like to incorporate a bar into the new venue. “One of the things we wanted to do from the get-go was a bar vibe, but we couldn’t get that loose-and-fun bar feel at the space.” This idea may extend to running a New York-style bar serving cocktails for breakfast. Eggert says he was inspired by a trip to NY that included many a morning Pickleback chased with coffee. While this kind of culture doesn’t exist in Sydney yet, Mike Eggert would love to be the one to introduce it. “It would be the demise of the Sydney breakfast.”

Pinbone will close on August 2.