It’s clear that Bondi is the place to be right now, with A Tavola and Gelato Messina opening their doors in the new Hall Street development recently. Now Melbourne-born specialty coffee sensation Sensory Lab has added its special brand of coffee awareness to the strip, opening its first Sydney coffee shop. Part of the St ALi coffee family, Sensory Lab is all about simplicity and getting the best from your coffee experience with minimal fuss.

“We have a very long-term view,” says the man behind it all, Salvatore Malatesta. “Everything we do is like a piece in a bigger jigsaw puzzle.” Malatesta chose the Bondi location because there is plenty of room on the coffee scene, as well as for the more personal reason of hoping to live in Bondi. “To be honest, I want to walk to work with a board under my arm, that’s the life.”

Australian champion barista and long time St ALi family member, Matt Perger worked on the design of the new space as well as the retail packaging of Sensory Lab products available in the retail section, while the cafe's interior; all copper finishes and cement; was collaboratively designed by cibi, beaureau8 and Richard Brownfield. Additionally, the cafe features Perger’s unique filter-style coffee produced through the espresso machine, a creation from the World Barista Championships that has gathered interest worldwide.

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“It’s more directional. It allows us to capture more complex aromas and the sweetness that is usually lost,” says Perger. “This way there is nowhere else for those to go but into the cup.”

Staff will happily talk you through Perger’s alternative brew, while the rest is self explanatory- there aren’t any cold drips, syphons or pour overs to confuse the situation. Food is also kept to a tight selection of cakes and pastries by Penny Fours and bagels with a selection of schmears from The Bagel Shop. We’ll be seeing more of the St ALi family in Sydney in the future, but for now, Sensory Lab is a welcome addition to the Bondi coffee scene.

Sensory Lab
75-79 Hall Street, Bondi

Daily 7am-6pm