“This recipe has been handed down to me by my mother. She used to teach this actual dish over 30 years ago when she conducted Chinese cooking classes from our family home,” remembers Kylie Kwong.

A lot may have changed since Kwong was helping set the table on a school night while her mother taught family recipes to the local residents of North Epping. But in a way she's continuing her mother's tradition, albeit on a larger scale, now working with Woolworths to create a range of easy to prepare Chinese-style dishes for Australian homes.

As with everything she does, Kylie brings her enthusiasm for fresh Australian produce. “Everyone knows that ‘Sweet and Sour Sauce’ is one of the Cantonese classics, however what is different about this particular Kwong recipe is that it is made from fresh Australian tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber and capsicum,” she explains.

Turns out it's still a family favourite. “Mum often serves this dish at our family gatherings,” Kwong says. “The shallow-fried, coated chicken thigh fillets retain their moisture and juiciness and are perfect for dipping in to this robust, flavoursome and well-balanced sauce.”

“You can offer this dish several ways. As a dinner option you can arrange crispy chicken pieces on a platter and pour the hot sauce all over, and serve with a bowl of steamed Jasmine rice,” Kylie says. “Or for an entree or starter option for a dinner party, you can arrange the crispy chicken pieces on a plate and serve the sauce in a separate bowl, so people can dip their chicken pieces in to the sauce.” The flavours work equally well by swapping out the chicken for pork or fish fillets.

Cooking with Kylie Kwong Crispy Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce Meal Kit
Extras: one egg, vegetable oil

In a bowl, mix the chicken pieces with one egg yolk until chicken is fully coated.

Pour a 0.5 cm depth of vegetable oil into a medium sized flat-bottomed wok or frying pan. Heat oil until the surface begins to shimmer.

Take flour from sachet and pour onto a plate. Dip chicken pieces into the flour, tossing lightly until the chicken is fully coated. Shake off excess flour from the chicken.

Using tongs, carefully add all chicken pieces to the hot oil. Cook for six to seven minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked through and golden brown on the outside, turning regularly so it cooks evenly.

Once cooked, place on some kitchen paper.

While chicken is cooking, put vegetables and the sauce in a small pan and simmer for three minutes with a lid, then transfer into a small bowl.

Serve chicken immediately with the vegetables on the side.