If you've ever wondered how the Poernomo brothers' desserts are made, the answers are now available to you. Classes are a sweet addition to the dessert offerings at Koi Dessert Kitchen in Ryde, the second venue by ex-Masterchef contestant Reynold, his mother Ike Malada, and his brothers Ronald and Arnold.

Reynold and Ronald say the classes are inspired by their mother, who had long dreamed of a space where she could share her knowledge of cakes and pastries. Lessons include how to make the famous mango-yuzu dessert, and masterclasses by external chefs and bakers (including Berkelo baker Tom Eadie, a former school friend of the Poernomos and the supplier of the Ryde venue's pastries and bread).

"We want to attract people with all different skillsets," Ronald says. The venue and its interior are designed around that idea. "The venue is my mum's brainchild. It's large enough to operate as a cafe and a class[room]."

The space designed by Loop Creative features natural tones and textures, including linen banquette seating and grey marble, and glass doors throughout. Microherbs decorate the tables. Part of the concept is that the classroom area, including two high tables and a peppering of Kitchenaids, functions as cafe seating when class is not in session. "We wanted to bring in homeliness and comfort," Reynold says. "Instead of making it so industrial, [making it] a bit more relaxed."

The Ryde venue has become the main kitchen for both venues – the “Nomtella” and “Moss” desserts can be expected at both, as well as the lychee, rose and raspberry tart. The brothers hope to offer brunch at Ryde soon, and chef's table events: one-off menus, once or twice a month, run by Reynold and Ronald.

For those used to Chippendale being the hub of the brothers' business, give Ryde a go. "You wouldn't see this kind of venue in this area, to be honest," Reynold says. "If it's good enough, people will come back no matter the location."

Koi Dessert Kitchen
Shop 3, 62-66 Blaxland Street, Ryde

Tue to Sun 10am–10pm


This article was updated on June 11, 2017.