Koi Dessert Bar’s Reynold Poernomo has whipped up four limited-edition treats for the spring.

A sweet take on what’s in season– pears, peaches, mandarins and apples –look almost identical to their fruit counterparts.

Try a pear dessert filled with soft cardamom mousse and poached pear with generous lashings of pear jelly and almond joconde (sponge). The peach treat features white peach mousse with sudachi (Japanese citrus) and peach schnapps.

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The mandarin and vanilla mousse, encased in a lemon madeleine tart, is filled with oozing pineapple jam; and the apple dessert is injected with apple mousse with cinnamon confit. All four desserts are complex and multidimensional.

“My mum and I were inspired by Cedric Grolet, a French pastry chef from Le Meurice [in Paris], and wanted to make it into our own with our signature Koi twist and surprises,” says Poernomo.

The desserts are made using individual moulds to recreate the shape of the fruit. The team then use coloured cocoa butter to match the colour for the coating. After being sprayed, they are dipped in a mirror glaze and then a cocoa butter-vanilla bean mixture.

The desserts are $12 each and available for a limited time at the Chippendale and Ryde stores.

This article was updated on October 31, 2017.