Workers, residents and enthusiasts of Alexandria take note: Knuckles Sandwich Bar is operational. The cheery sandwich joint is the combined effort of Angus Crane, Damien Naughton and Diana Thomson. All three owners have experience in fine dining around the city, but have spent the last year on this pulled-pork project. After a week of trading Thomson seems exhausted but ecstatic. “The natives seem to like it!”

Thomson’s explanation of the Knuckles concept is: “restaurant fillings with really good bread. Thickly glazed ham (the family Christmas recipe) is slathered with English mustard and sherry. Spicy Southern pork comes with house pickles, packing a smoky, barbeque kick. During the opening week, customers were coming back for the dense beef bourguignon special.

Although 70 per cent of the clientele (thus far) have been going for takeaway, seating is available. Pastel blues and bright, clean timber are a nice departure from the industrial brick dominating Alexandria. Thomson says this was intentional, “Sydney is a bit like that; we get onto a thing a just flog it to death.”

Salads and fresh pastries are also available, but if you want a post-sandwich snack, head over to the soft-serve machine. “We’re using jersey milk and Heilala vanilla from the Cook Islands. I consider New Zealand pretty local,” Thomson says. Knuckles is using Brickfield’s bread and Mooloolaba tuna, sourcing more local produce is the next step for the Knuckles team.

Knuckles Sandwich Bar
88 McEvoy Street, Alexandria

Opening Hours
Mon to Sun, 6.30am–mid-afternoon

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