The childhood memory of coming home from school and eating a lightly toasted, fragrant, hot cross bun, spread with melted butter eaten with a cup of tea always returns just as the weather starts to cool down. Now, Easter might mean having a few days of much-needed rest or trying to resist the bowl of chocolate eggs at work, but don’t go past the hot cross buns. We’ve rounded up a few of the most delicious buns for every taste, whether you’re gluten-intolerant or like them decadent and laden with chocolate.

Black Star Pastry
Newtown’s (and now also Rosebery’s) always-full cafe and bakery is making vegan hot cross buns this year, with a strong mix of spice, raisins, currants and a frankincense glaze. If your memories of Easter are of church pews and stuffy afternoons, these buns will transport you back with that citrusy, dusty aroma.

Heston for Coles
Whatever your opinion of this partnership, there is no denying that Heston Blumenthal is coming up with some pretty tasty products for the supermarket giant. In line with his desire to use Australian ingredients, he’s made hot cross buns with lemon myrtle, as well as ginger and citrus oil. The result is a dense bun with a buttery, rich, lemon flavour and an aftertaste of crystallised ginger. At $8 for a box of four, they aren’t supermarket-cheap but are no doubt a lot less than a dessert at The Fat Duck.

Wild Cockatoo
If you’re the type who likes their favourites to stay relatively traditional, head to Wild Cockatoo in Redfern. There will be no chocolate chips in this bun, but a top-secret, seven-spice mix with a lime-syrup glaze for a tangy finish.

Oregano Bakery
Not quite a bun, but if you haven’t yet tried one of the famous Hurstville scrolls, make the effort to go and get one of the decadent choc-chip hot cross scrolls. The layers of buttery dough are crammed full of chocolate chips, are gorgeously spice-laden and big enough to share. Enjoy with a strong, hot coffee (we won’t tell if you dunk).

Imperial Gluten Free Bakery
As coeliacs know, finding great gluten-free bread that doesn’t need to be toasted to a crisp is no easy task. Imperial Gluten Free Bakery does soft, doughy hot cross buns stuffed with sultanas and laced with cinnamon. The shop is in Rydalmere but it delivers all over Sydney. 215-221 Victoria Road, Rydalmere
(02) 9684 1114

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