This isn’t Three Blue Ducks Rosebery, it’s “Bob”. Bob is the restaurant’s new Argentinian grill and its de facto name. “We want this place to be different to the other sites,” says chef and Three Blue Ducks newcomer Andy Allen (MasterChef season-four winner).

Confusingly, the restaurant is advertising itself as a pop-up. The idea here is to show a lot is still to come (the bar and coffee station will be reworked; live music and weekday dinners are coming) and that the restaurant’s major drawcard, Bob the enormous South American grill, is currently only roasting whole animals on the weekend. Allen says to expect all the regular roasts plus a few unconventional inclusions. “We’re thinking about doing a goat. We’re really keen on experimenting.”

The weekday menu also diverts from the usual Three Blue Ducks fare. Not necessarily in philosophy – the dishes are still colourful, textured and produce-driven – just an entirely new set of recipes. Lunch offers a beautifully arranged and well-balanced Korean-style “poke” of raw salmon, avocado, kimchi, brown rice, seaweed and beetroot-pickled egg; or charred octopus with corn, grapefruit chunks, pickled chilli and fermented radish.

On the breakfast menu, eggs are given deluxe treatment in a baked mix of chorizo, pork crackling, white beans and blood sausage; or with Portobello mushrooms, charred kale and a chilli-and-garlic relish. “We have five permanent dishes for breakfast, and for lunch. We’ve kept it quite small to give us room to play around with some specials,” says Allen.

Visually, it’s not a far cry from the space of its two previous occupants (Kitchen by Mike and Koskela Kitchen). The long bar is still a centrepiece, but new features include an abstract Caleb Reid mural, the beginnings of a trademark Three Blue Ducks garden and some greenery which will soon hang from the ceiling and crawl up the bar. “There’s a reason that it looks unfinished; there’s more to come,” says Allen.

“Bob” Pop-Up by Three Blue Ducks
1/85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery

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