The nightlife of northern Newtown was bound to benefit from something other than Thai restaurants and the occasional tumbleweed, but Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen seems to have singlehandedly expanded Newtown’s bar culture to its farthest borders and closed the gap for everything in-between.

It’s hardly surprising, given this bar’s considerable pedigree. Kingston Public is the second venture by Anna Scott and Dynn Szmulewicz, the charming couple behind Glebe’s beloved bar, The Little Guy. Together with their business partner Laura Twomey, previously of MoVida, the team have quickly established a small bar offering tremendous appeal to locals and their existing fan base alike.

Kingston Public offers the same laid-back atmosphere, attractive prices and uncompromising quality that made its predecessor such a lovable institution, but builds a certain finesse into its feel that seems a mite more refined (if you can overlook the breasts on the wall).

Unlike The Little Guy, Kingston Public comes with a kitchen and a list of foods to match. The menu, crafted by another familiar face from MoVida, Brian Villahermosa, encompasses a seasonal and very reasonably priced selection of tapas-style and creative bar food options. There’s also a “Staff Meal” on offer every night for $12.50, leaving you very few excuses, financial or otherwise, to ever leave this bar.

From their thoughtful craft beer selection to their polished cocktail list, refreshments at Kingston Public are everything you would expect from its celebrated heritage in Glebe. Cocktails like the Spanish Tart or the Basil Fawlty, which is a refreshing fusion of gin, elderflower, basil, lemon and orange bitters; are both ludicrously inexpensive and a perfect accompaniment to the impending summer.

Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen
62-64 King Street, Newtown

Mon, Wed-Fri 4pm-midnight
Sat Noon-midnight
Sun Noon-10pm