“I’ve always made a lemon cordial, it’s a family recipe,” says Katie Swift. Once a food editor – who trained under Margaret Fulton in the Woman’s Day test kitchen – Swift’s cordials preserve peak season local fruits, using lemons from Glenorie in The Hills District, limes from Somersby on the Central Coast and blood oranges from the Riverina.[fold]

“I gave the team at Cornersmith a bottle as a gift when they opened, so it all started from there,” says Swift of her business’ beginnings. The cafe now serves a range of flavours and offers bottles of the cordial for sale from Cornersmith Picklery.

“This spoom is much like the iced sherbet I’d have as a child,” Swift says, who came across the recipe in an old cookbook. It takes just a few ingredients to create this summer dessert that’s equal parts fluffy ice and ripe fruitiness. The cordial flavour, fruits and garnish combinations can be easily substituted to suit your tastes, so go on and treat yourself this summer.

Raspberry Spoom
Serves 4-6

1 cup Katie Swift Raspberry Cordial
2 cups water
3 egg whites
1 tbsp caster sugar

To serve:
Fresh raspberries
Rose petals
Crystallised violets

• Combine cordial with water and pour into a non-reactive, freezer-proof dish.
• Cover with plastic wrap, place in freezer and allow to freeze until firm (5-6 hours) or leave overnight.
• Remove flavoured ice from freezer. Scrape ice with a fork to break it up and form rough, icy crystals. You can serve the flavoured ice at this stage as a granita - add some fresh mint and maybe a splash of vodka, white rum, framboise or Grand Marnier – or continue on to make the spoom.
• Return broken ice mixture to the freezer while you beat the egg whites.
• Place egg whites in a mixing bowl. Beat gently, and add the sugar slowly as they start to stiffen. Continue beating until soft peaks form, which will be the same consistency as a soft meringue mixture. Set aside.
• Remove flavoured ice from freezer. Place in food processor and pulse until just smooth - you will need to work quickly before the ice starts melting.
• Transfer blended flavoured ice to a large mixing bowl and fold through meringue mixture.
• Return this mixture to the freezing dish, cover and freeze again for at least 30 minutes. This mixture will keep in the freezer for up to four days.
• To serve, scoop the spoom into glasses or dishes. Garnish with fresh raspberries, rose petals and crystallised violets, and enjoy straight away

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