Remember that time actor Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park, Independence Day) was in Sydney giving out free sausages and no one knew why? Well, it was part of a campaign to promote him as the new face of Menulog Australia. Now the food delivery service is offering 500 people a free meal worth $20 next Tuesday May 23.

At the moment, the details are vague; we don’t yet know how the lucky 500 will be selected. And the food offering won’t be announced until the day of the deal.

“Jeff gets to play himself in the ads [like he did in a 1999 commercial for the Apple iMac]. He came up with lines spontaneously, which was great to work with,” says the head of marketing at Menulog, Tasman Page. “And he’s the nicest guy.”

Goldblum will also be sharing discounts and freebies (via ads, not in person) over the next few months, starting next week.

Further details will be available on Menulog’s Facebook page on Tuesday, May 23.

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