Bake Kobo is one of Sydney’s only independent Japanese bakeries.

For those unacquainted with Japanese bread, it’s typically sweeter, softer and usually packed with pastes, custards, curries or any imaginable combination of seemingly disparate ingredients. Bake Kobo’s most popular items are exactly that; puffy and sweet red-bean rolls; soft buns packed with curry and topped with cheese; and a crunchy-crusted roll that’s gooey with wasabi, fatty bacon and mayo. Anyone querying the logic of the aforementioned flavour combinations should order one of them, the curry bread in particular nears hot-chip levels of easy satisfaction.

Like most popular bakeries in Japan, though, Bake Kobo doesn’t just make sweet, flavour-packed rolls and puffs. It also has a range of French-style sourdoughs and northern-European grain breads. Bake Kobo’s baker, Lisa Nishiyasu, makes a perfectly crusted sourdough baguette, and a fluffy but earthy spelt loaf. Like the sweet or flavoured breads, the loaves on offer change as owner Kunihisa Sato and Nishiyasu experiment with different grains and baking techniques.

With rows of amber loaves, crunchy batards, baguettes and croquette buns sitting next to yuzu custard cakes, mayo-bacon rolls and shortbread-covered soft rolls baked in the shape of cute turtles or teddy-bear heads, it’s an exotic and exciting display.

Bake Kobo
Shop 3, 63–71 Enmore Road, Enmore

Tue to Sun 8.30am – 5.30pm