What is the difference between an IPA and a porter? Wait, what does IPA stand for, again?

For answers to these questions and more craft-beer-related conundrums, all one needs is to turn to Michael Jackson. Not the gravity-defying King of Pop, but the British writer and journalist whose 1977 World Guide to Beer outlined the basic notions that define the craft-beer industry today.

You’ll find gems from Jackson’s book and other helpful tricks to becoming a brew expert on James Squire’s website, which dedicated to exploring not just the brewery’s own creations, but also untangling the sometimes overwhelming world of craft beer. Once you’ve brushed up on basic beer types (crib notes: porters are dark and chocolate-y, IPAs are strong, yet light and sparkling) you’ll naturally be looking for a meal to match.

International street food is the perfect, no-frills accompaniment to a cold craft beer, and it's easy to make at home. James Squire have pulled together a selection of easy recipes for flavour-filled dishes like pho, cheesy poutine and Colombian arepas.

A quick trawl of the brewer’s website also reveals how to host the perfect barbeque, where to find a craft-beer dinner and for those that way inclined, how to cook with cider.

We’ll be sharing our favourites on the Broadsheet Directory in the next few weeks to help you on your journey to mastering the craft.

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