Around since 1901, late-night goliath The Ivanhoe Hotel has blossomed from a heaving mass of shiny gaming machines, musty carpets and karaoke corners into three unique levels with a decidedly nouveau coastal atmosphere.

Owners of the pub since 1985, the Peterson family acknowledged the timely need for a remodel. Daughter Emma says the refurbishment took more than 10 years of planning, with the family resolute in that the hotel had to retain traditional community pub values, with reasonable pricing and service.

"Like any industry, things change but we're still a classic pub through and through. We understand that a pub is a community space…we've just upped the ante a little bit in terms of vibe".

Welcome seasonal aromas from a front-facing kitchen greet you in the place of the former bottle shop. Here, head chef Derek Morris and his team work behind the glass-paned kitchen, a steady stream of burgers, fish and chips and pizzas sliding out the front to those on the go, and out the back for those who want to hang around a while.

As you make your way up the stairwell to the second floor, a fresh, white timber terrace awaits, complete with an army of floating cane basket lights. It's the smaller details that make it the difference, with raw timber-panelled walls with fresh pineapple props, varnished wooden bunting hanging above the back bar, bespoke marble bench tops and a solid variety of indoor and outdoor greenery giving the space an atmosphere all of its own.

Arriving on third floor at The Pines, you'll find hanging squash rackets, surf nostalgia, plaid painted floors and another, slightly more intimate rooftop bar, designed by interiors queen Sibella Court.

You may still have to get out of your seat to order your lunch, but you'll get an all-star venue for a fraction of the cost and in a much more digestible setting than before.

The Ivanhoe Hotel
27 The Corso, Manly
(02) 9976 3955

Mon to Thurs 9am–midnight
Fri & Sat 9am–3am
Sun 9am–midnight