Chef Shlomi Palensya has amassed more than 20 years’ experience launching and working in restaurants around the world (most recently as executive pastry chef at the Park Hyatt Sydney). Now, he’s put down roots and opened his first venture: a Roman-style takeaway pizza shop in Bondi.  

“I think you find the best type of food in hole-in-the-wall shops or hidden laneways,” Shlomi tells Broadsheet. “I have spent years mastering doughs and developing recipes, and now I want Sydney to experience the delight that Roman-style pizza offers.”

The pizza at Ta Ta Ta is al taglio-style: baked in a stone oven on custom steel trays for an even, golden finish. Cut into rectangles, it is sold by weight – a custom followed around Rome. Shlomi spent years perfecting his dough, which features a combination of two different flours imported from Italy, with spelt, soybean and rice flour added to the mix, resulting in a crispy base with a cloud-like interior. The crust is thicker, supporting more toppings and retaining its fluffy texture – ideal for takeaway. 

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While there are 12 to 14 different toppings on display on any given day, the menu changes almost daily and is highly dependent on what Shlomi procures from his suppliers. Don’t be surprised to find zucchini flowers or balsamic pearls among more traditional ingredients like basil and mozzarella. Current highlights include an earthy mushroom bianca with champignon, portobello and enoki mushrooms on a parmesan-cream base; silverbeet with confit tomatoes, feta and parmesan; and a Roman-style salami pizza with fior di latte, mozzarella, rocket and tomato sauce. The menu also caters to sweet tooths with freshly baked biscotti, tiramisu and Valrhona chocolate jars. 

As with any pizza, the cheese reigns supreme. Shlomi works alongside Deni Foods, which supplies Ta Ta Ta with fresh cheese every morning and is closely involved in the process of creating new products, propelling the pizzas to new heights. 

For first-time visitors, Shlomi recommends the chef’s selection box, which includes three to six slices of the day’s favourites. He says he loves the idea of people being able to mix and match flavours and experiment with his new toppings. For him, that’s amore.

Ta Ta Ta
10 Gray Street, Bondi Junction
(02) 8542 1726

Tue to Thu 11.30am–10pm
Fri & Sat 1.30am–11pm
Sun 5pm–11pm