The trio behind Shuk and Popina Kitchen has opened an Israeli-style bakery 200 meters down the road from Shuk in Bondi. Yoni Kalfus, Erez Beker and Ariel Hefer’s Shuk Bakery is here.

“We have a lot of demand for our baked goods and pastries, wholesale as well, and I think building a dedicated bakery for pastries made a lot of sense,” says Kalfus.

“Last weekend [at Shuk], on Saturday morning at 9.30am, there wasn’t a pastry left in sight,” he says.

It’s the classic “corner bakery”, but with all your favourite Shuk treats such as Turkish bread, challa rolls and croissants. The larger baking space allows the team to make more specialty pastries.

“Obviously whatever we produce at the bakery we’ll have some of it up at Shuk, but we’re definitely experimenting more and more,” says Kalfus. “We’ll send it all up to Shuk from here on the tricycle.”

“We’re doing a lot of savoury pastries that we haven’t before,” says Kalfus. The traditional Israeli kind is bourekas. It’s similar to puff pastry dough and it’s folded over in a triangle shape. “We might even start doing gourmet pies and sausage rolls because of demand,” he says.

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There are also a number of “grab-and-go” options such as a prosciutto, brie, rocket and roast tomato baguette. The C.A.L.T baguette is stuffed with chickpeas, avocado, lettuce, tomato, vegan aioli and coriander. Other options include a roast beetroot or roast pumpkin salad and a variety of cakes, which can be pre-ordered for events.

“One of my favourites is dulce de leche with coconut cake and Italian meringue on top. It’s pretty insane. You can order by the slice, which is the same size as an iPhone, a whole cake (about four slices) or a tray,” says Kalfus.

The space is quite small, seating about 10–20 people, but it does the trick.

“Erez [Beker] used some of the elements of Shuk, and updated it to give it a fresher, sleeker, minimal look. I think minimal lasts longer, if you do something on the crazy side it could be more of a fashion, trendy thing that will outdate really quickly.”

There’s a central high bench and the space uses white, brick-style tiles and hanging Edison globes. A wall covered with bread in baskets rounds it off.

Shuk Bakery
40 Mitchell Street, North Bondi
0403 575 361

Daily 7am–4pm.