“I came into the business to help in sales and marketing,” Will Petersen, co-owner and baker at Infinity Sourdough explains. But it didn’t take long for him to get interested in the more hands-on side of the family business.

Just to clarify, it wasn’t always in the family. Petersen’s father ran a small bakery in the Blue Mountains when he met Phillip Searle who owned Infinity Bakery in Darlinghurst. Eventually he bought the bakery from Searle and gradually Infinity became the family run business it is today – with Petersen and his sister, Sophie, running the shops.

Set in the old Charlie Brown shop just past Glenmore Road on Oxford Street, the whitewashed space is simple with steel framing and views straight back into the baking kitchen. Although the heritage building is a standout, come here for the baked goods.

The walls are lined with menu boards, purposefully kept simple. You won’t find eggs benedict or fancy breakfast salads on this menu. Instead, browse a selection of sourdough varieties, such as wholemeal, five grain and even olive and pumpkin, or a selection of other baked delights such as organic fruit-and-nut loaf. Choose from a selection of homemade fruit jams and spreads to smear on top or grab a famous gluten-free brownie, almond croissant or tart if you have a sweet tooth.

After eight years of working out of Darlinghurst’s and Manly’s tiny kitchens, Petersen welcomes the generous Paddington space. The majority of baking will now take place on Oxford Street, while Darlinghurst will retain pastry duties.

Finally the team has more flexibility and, literally, more room for movement with its baking process; longer resting periods and more space for the bread to rise give ingredients ample time to breakdown, making the bread all-around tastier and more digestible.

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“There is more of a focus on coffee here, too,” says Petersen. Beans come from Gabriel Coffee Roasters (based in Chatswood) and Infinity Paddington is experimenting with cold drips, cold brews and pour-overs.

Infinity Bakery – Paddington
178 Oxford Street, Paddington
(02) 9361 5781

Mon to Sun 6am–4pm