“The Broadsheet Restaurant is a great way to try some of the city’s great dishes in one place,” says Caroline Clements, who works on special projects at Broadsheet.

Now in its last month of operation, Clements says the collaborative nature of the restaurant’s menu is designed to celebrate what’s happening in Sydney right now.

"Casual dining and dishes made for sharing have become a big part of the way Australians like to eat when they go out," says Clements. “So, like many of our collaborating restaurants, our menu is a share-menu. We want people to interact, to pick up food with their hands, dip their pretzel into bottarga, to tear lamb off the bone and fight for the last mouthful of tiramisu. Good food is better shared.”

Clements says the layout of the restaurant encourages intimate groups of four and six. “It’s a long, skinny venue, so tables are set close to each other,” she says. “Guests can also sit on big, high tables. For events we encourage people who don’t know each other to share a meal and interact – eat together and have a good time with great food.”

The menu features dishes from some of the best venues across Sydney, including 10 William Street, Hubert, The Unicorn Hotel, Master, Dead Ringer, Fratelli Paradiso and Shortstop Coffee & Donuts.

To celebrate heading into the festive season, we’ve put together the ideal “best of Sydney” dinner menu to share. You can use booking app OpenTable to reserve a spot now.

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Here’s a look at the menu.

By popular demand, one dish from the restaurant's October entrée menu has been carried over to November: the whipped bottarga pretzel from 10 William Street. “We can’t take it off, it’s such a favourite,” says Clements. “It’s a great way to start a shared meal.” Master offers cumin-marinated olives and Hubert brings its intense, rich dashi-based clams Normande.

To pair with entrée, Dead Ringer has made a 3-Grape Highball, featuring Ketel One vodka, Aperol, lemon and fizz.

Our main course offers hearty food, starting with cheesy eggplant parmigiana with crunchy pangrattato (bread crumbs with parsley and oregano) from The Unicorn Hotel. “It’s a great, simple, cheesy dish,” says Clements. “The kind of pub food The Unicorn does so well.”

Alongside the parmigiana is Dead Ringer’s eight-hour lamb shoulder, which comes with a fennel salad and chimichurri. “It falls off the bone,” says Clements. “It’s nearly a kilo of meat, so is made to share between three or four people.”

Our Pretty Boy rosé comes from South Australian winemakers Delinquente.

A mixed-leaf salad and a serve of baby chat potatoes with sour cream, capers and dill.

We're serving Fratelli Paradiso’s tiramisu. Is “a Sydney favourite,” says Clements. “It’s in The Broadsheet Sydney Cookbook, too. You get quite a large slab in a serve, so it’s a great dessert to share.”

Alongside the tiramisu comes a doughnut from Shortstop Donuts.

Close the night out with a twist on two classics, together at last: an Espresso Martini icy pole.

The Broadsheet Restaurant closes its doors on December 4th. Make a booking with OpenTable now and experience our exclusive collaborative menu while it lasts.

Broadsheet Restaurant
2 Danks Street, Waterloo

Thu & Fri 10am–midnight
Sat 8am–midnight
Sun 8am–5pm

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