Tea aficionados and those who love an iced tea but can never find one that actually tastes like tea will appreciate T2 Iced – a new range recently launched by T2. It's significantly different to what we’ve come to expect of overly sweetened, mainstream iced teas. “It's four of our most well-known teas; chilled and ready to drink,” says Deanna Moylan, global product director for T2.

Flavours inside the on-the-go cartons include Life’s a Peach, Melbourne Breakfast (a black tea), Strawberry Fields and Matcha Fresh. The new range is “essentially the same tea we sell in-store, brewed to perfection, then put on ice; ideal for anyone who’s looking for a drink not packed to the brim with sugar”, says Moylan.

Matcha Fresh is described as a “traditional green brew from Japan with a squeeze of lemon, loads of crisp cucumber and mountains of mouth-watering matcha”. The astringent tartness of green tea fused with lemon comes through immediately. This particular brew could easily be used in a summertime gin cocktail.

T2 Iced will be stocked in selected T2 stores across Australia.