Icebergs in Bondi is launching a new weekly bar event – ‘Natural Wine and Disco Thursdays.’ It’s part of the restaurant’s decision to put a greater focus on natural wine.

Natural wine, in the simplest terms, is wine made with no added acid or yeast. It is different to organic or biodynamic wine. Similar to German purity laws regarding beer, which dictate beer can only be made of water, barley, and hops, -natural wine is made of grape juice and little more.

“We were introduced to the movement by Gio Paradiso – who imports and sells Italian natural wine in his restaurant, Fratelli Paradiso,” says Rachel Duffy, general manager at Icebergs. “Maurice Terzini [owner and chef at Icebergs], Paradiso and Patrick Fox (another Italian wine distributor) recently spent three weeks in Italy visiting all these wine makers. They had some great experiences, like staying at a commune outside of Rome where they make natural wine.”

In taste, natural wines tend to be, “More volatile and can have funky aromas and floating bits,” says Duffy. The floating bits give the wines a pulp-like texture. Because of this, Duffy refers to some of the natural wines as “juices” – Such as Patrick Sullivan Breakfast Wine. For Icebergs, expanding its collection of natural wines reflects a broader movement in viniculture.

The first event will be held on Thursday May 7 and every Thursday following.