Sometimes, all you want for lunch is a damn good sandwich. One that’s lightly toasted, its crisp shell giving way to chewy softness. All you want is a perfectly balanced combination of ham and salty pickle, perhaps with sweet tomato relish, mayonnaise and some stringy cheddar holding it all together.

Needless to say, the sandwiches at Soda Pony are good. It’s a menu of classic, winning combinations – no ancient grains or superfoods or anything that costs over $16.

It’s a place where you can eat alone without feeling conspicuous; it has that cool friend’s lounge room vibe. The red ceiling, exposed brick counter, mismatched chairs and vintage posters lend it a lived-in warmth. Soda Pony is a collection of everything owners Liv and Josh Tierney love, including the name: Soda Pop and Pony Boy are two of Liv’s favourite characters in the 80s coming-of-age film and book, The Outsiders.

The breakfast menu is short but sweet and the ploughman-style plate of cheddar, ham, eggs, avocado and sourdough with a Double Roasters coffee is the winning choice. If you’re there for lunch, save room for a delicious, frosty choc-malt thickshake or an ice cream soda. If you haven’t tried one since 1997, they are just as good as they were when you were a kid. The rose apple frappe is also an excellent cure for roof-of-mouth burn, an affliction that greedy, melted cheese lovers will be familiar with. Pulled pork burritos and an array of vegetarian salads (with an ‘add tuna’) option round out the lunch options.

Next time you’re having a boring Saturday afternoon, grab a book and linger over a thickshake or tuna melt. Afterwards, hunt around in the awesome vintage and second hand furniture shops down the St Peters end of King Street to complete a pleasantly nostalgic day.

Soda Pony
583a King Street, Newtown

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Sat & Sun 8am–5pm