It’s a Sunday-night conundrum you know all too well: you’re on your couch in your pyjamas, and the last thing you feel like doing is leaving the house. But all you want is a tub of ice cream. Finally, there is an answer, and Booza is its name.

Operating for three and a half years, Booza Ice Cream has introduced Sydney to mastic ice cream, which is now available to order online by the tub, with delivery to your door. Mastic, a natural gum from the tree of the same name, gives the ice cream it’s signature sticky consistency. “When you eat Booza it doesn’t quite melt in your mouth straight away,” says company owner Tedy Altree-Wiliams. “It lasts that little bit longer and is a bit chewy.”

Staying true to the Middle Eastern roots of the product, Booza Ice Cream’s flavours include coffee and cardamom; fig jam and walnut; sweat sesame halawa; Turkish delight; roasted pistachio; lemon-mint sherbet and many more.

In addition to mastic ice cream, Booza also offers completely sugar-free coconut ice cream with an all-natural, plant-based sweetener.

Packed in dry ice, the freshness of the product is guaranteed for more than 36 hours.

Sydney delivery costs $15. Regional NSW, Melbourne and Brisbane costs $20.