Dining out on your spare change doesn’t have to mean fast food. When you know where to go, it’s like you’re in on a (very cheap) secret. Here’s what you can get with a single kangaroo coin.

$1 Birthday Tickets at Taronga Zoo
Celebrate your birthday with a $1 ticket to Taronga Zoo. Throughout 2016, Taronga are celebrating their own 100th Birthday with extra cheap access to fuzzy, furry and ferocious animals. The $1 includes a birthday badge, so expect to be showered with presents by both zoo-goers and animals alike. Just bring some ID as proof, or sign up online to get your next birthday sorted.
Taronga Zoo is open your birthday and everyone elses', 356 days of the leap year.

Hot dogs or hot wings at The Soda Factory
The Soda Factory has earned a reputation for defying business logic every Tuesday with a choice of six $1 hot dogs. Despite the price these are no skimpy little dogs, either. There is beef and pork sausage with jack cheese and mustard; frankfurters with bacon and sour cream; and deep-fried banana with peanut butter and strawberry jam – it’s a $1 deal that’s almost too good to be true. They’re at it again on Wednesdays with $1 chicken hot wings (we recommend getting 10 at a time because they’re so good), with homemade blue-cheese sauce.
Hot dogs Tue 5pm–late
Hot wings Wed 5pm–late

Oysters at The Morrison
We’ve seen a few places doing the $1-oyster thing, but it’s a mollusc party in the bar at The Morrison every Wednesday. For one hour between 6pm and 7pm, you can get them freshly shucked for just $1 a pop. Chef Sean Connelly champions oysters during the annual oyster festival, so you know they have a reputation for serving some of the best.
Wed 6pm–7pm at the bar

Oysters at The Wild Rover
Oysters for just $1 are on offer all week in the intimacy of The Wild Rover from 4pm to 6pm. They’re shucked fresh to order and come from Ralston Brothers’ Oyster Farm on the NSW south coast. They might include the Waterfall variety known for its regular shape, soft meat and creamy texture. Tie it in to some Tuesday trivia.
Mon to Sat 4pm–6pm

Dumplings at The Smoking Panda
Up above The Hotel Coronation this tiny bar draws on old-school Chinese takeaway kitsch for the décor, but its menu is all beautifully modern bar food – and its dumplings are no exception. On Tuesdays you can order a selection of these babies for $1 a piece.
Tue 4-7pm

Dumplings at Johnny Wong’s
A neighbour to Middlebar, Johnny Wong’s is famous for its selection of dumplings that are pretty affordable at any time, including their juicy xiao long bao pork soup dumplings, and prawn gow gee. But on Wednesdays things go mad with $1 dumplings. They’re made fresh in-house daily, so see how many you can put away with your spare change.
Wed 6pm

Dumplings at The Fox Hole
68a Erskine Street, Sydney
This neat little cafe and small bar on the corner of Erskine and Kent Streets does the CBD a favour with $1 dumplings on Tuesdays. Nothing pretentious here, just good drinks and a chance to get a belly full of dumplings for a couple of coins.
Tue 5pm–9pm

Tacos at The Cuban Place
Tacos are already an affordable bar snack around town, but on Wednesdays at The Cuban Place – in the Hemmingway-inspired Havana hangout opposite the QVB – you can get its soft-shell tacos for just $1 a piece. They’re bursting with greens, sour cream and big slices of chilli. Keep the money you’ll save for Cuban rum or a Mojito.
Wed 5pm