If there are four words on a breakfast menu that I always glaze past, they’re “bacon and egg roll”. I appreciate that the morning staple has stood the test of time – it was here long before millennials became obsessed with smashed avo on toast – but there are far too many risks involved in ordering a B&E. There’s the chance of getting slimy underdone bacon, a stale burger bun, or a too-messy egg. Don’t get me started on the usual condiment options: barbeque or tomato sauce – when both, really, just turn it into a too-sweet, soggy sanga.

But one crisp winter morning, after a sleepless flight back from Vietnam, my eyes were drawn to my local’s – Cut Lunch Deli’s – take on the classic: the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Sure, the dairy was speaking to my recent lactose-lacking diet, but it was this description that got me over the line: “Served with Oomami chilli mayo.” If there was ever a time to take a risk, it was then.

My dining partner and I were perched in the window (the best seats in the Cut Lunch Deli house), both feeling a little dazed. Our coffees arrived first, the first Australian cup I’d had in two weeks. I sipped my strong soy latte, and as the Padre beans hit my bloodstream I was given a new lease on life. Little did I know that life was about to be altered irreversibly.

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A few minutes later, the main event arrived. A springy, salty slab of Organic Bread Bar’s just-baked focaccia gently hugged the ingredients on either side. There was no sign of busted yolk because the egg comes scrambled – scrambled then folded with cheddar cheese. And under all that golden egg-cellence (I’m not above using a warranted pun) sat the satisfying crackle of well-cooked bacon.

The loaded roll comes thoughtfully cut in two – the team knows this beast would be impossible to hold in its full form. I took my hefty half and a stretch of cheddar followed. The first bite was an oozy yet crunchy combination of goodness. My eyes widened. On the second bite, I felt my eyes close ¬– partly due to sleep deprivation and partly to immerse myself in this deep feeling of comfort. I was riding the cloud-like bread to bacon-egg-and-cheese-sanga heaven when I was hit with a thwack of Oomami chilli mayo, a punchy reminder that this was all going on inside my mouth.

The eating experience was short and not at all sweet or soggy. Half was just the right amount to leave me satisfied. And the silence, mixed with exclaimed curse words, from my dining partner suggested he was satisfied too.

Full disclosure: I’ve had the sando since. I was curious to know whether my enjoyment had been exaggerated by home comforts at the end of a long trip. But the second time was just as good – as were the third and the fourth. If I’m being honest, Cut Lunch’s bacon, egg and cheese number has become a key part of my Saturday morning ritual. And even though I know I’ll likely get it when the next weekend rolls around, I can’t stop thinking about it over the long weekdays in between.

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