After opening in late 2014, friends Tobias Aubrey-Poiner and Mic Wernej have had a great response to The Hunter Works and its focus on fresh, honest food and specialty coffee.

With all ingredients sourced from The Cook’s Co-Op, the menu changes every week or two depending on what’s available. “We wanted to locally source the food. The coffee travels a long distance so we wanted to offset that,” says Wernej.

The cafe is aiming for zero waste. “At the moment we produce just one bag of waste per week,” Wernej says. “We’re sending the waste to a local community garden. We jump on our bikes and head down there with the compost in the afternoon. The gardens love the coffee grounds and eggshells.”

A lovely, covered, outdoor area allows for spending hours spent in the greenery. The relaxed kitchen is visible through large windows.

The house coffee blend is an African variety from The Golden Cobra, with a rolling espresso/black coffee menu that changes frequently, with three or four different singles to try a week. Filter coffee and iced pour–over coffees aren’t prevalent in Balmain, making them a popular order here.

The Smoky Eggs (with soft-boiled eggs, chipotle salsa, rocket and lime) is a favourite. There is also heirloom tomatoes with goat’s feta, bresaola and green apple. For lunch, give one of the salads a go, such as fig and wagyu salami, or farro and lentils.

These guys also have you covered for homemade cakes and pastries to go with your coffee. Teas from T Totaler and fresh fruit granita feature on the drinks list.

The Hunter Works
7/332 Darling Street, Balmain
(02) 9810 3734

Opening Hours
Mon to Sun 8am–3pm