1. Wash the outside of the oysters and scrub sand and algae off if necessary.

  2. Take an oyster shucker in one hand and wrap a folded kitchen cloth around the other to give your hand some protection.

  3. Place the oyster on another cloth on a cutting board flat side up, with the hinge (or pointy end) facing your hand holding the shucker.

  • Find the join between the two halves by wiggling the tip of the shucker until it neatly finds a little pocket just to one side of the hinge.

  • Push the blade in between the two halves until the tip of the blade is inside and gently twist to lever open the shell.

  • Run the shucker under the inside of the top half to release the little muscle (adductor).

  • Remove and discard the top half of the shell.

  • Clean out any small pieces of shell but do not rinse.

  • Cut the adductor where it is attached to the other half of the shell.

  • Dress your oysters with these and enjoy.

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