Few things show people you care more than time spent in the kitchen. And if that time results in homemade icy poles for your friends, and if those icy poles have Aperol in them, well, your friends will know you care very much.

With your friends in mind, we’d like to introduce the Aperol Spritz icy pole. “It's a cooler version of the Aperol Spritz,” says Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel bar manager, Pete Hurrell. Literally.

It has the same list of ingredients as a traditional spritz (and a few extra icy pole-specific ones), but in different quantities. Although it has less alcohol, there’s no compromise in taste. “It's quite a strong flavour, but we don't want it to be too tart, so we give it a bit of sweetness,” Hurrell says. “You want it to be like an icy pole.”

To mirror the liquid version of the cocktail there’s even a bit of fresh fruit. “We put a slice of orange that sits in the bottom of the icy pole. After you finish it you get to a really nice slice of orange that has absorbed the alcohol and the flavour.”

Hurrell says it’s great as an appetiser – light, sweet and it readies the palette for something more tart and savoury. The perfect starter for a summer picnic.

Pete Hurrell’s Aperol Spritz icy pole recipe
Makes 10–12
Approximately 0.3 standard drinks per serve

120ml Aperol
300ml prosecco
100ml soda water
120ml sugar syrup
2 tsp gelatin
2 oranges
10–12 icy pole containers or straight champagne flutes

Peel and remove the pith of the oranges. Separate the segments or slice each orange into eight parts. Place each slice into the bottom of your icy pole containers, glasses or cup of choice. “If you’re going to do it at home, use a champagne or wine glass, it will look more elegant,” says Hurrell. Watch the curvature of the glass though, if the glass bulges at the centre you won’t be able to remove the icy pole.

Place the remaining ingredients in a carafe or jug and mix well. Pour the mixture into each glass, filling it just over half way. If you’re not using icy pole casts, try this pro tip from Hurrell to get the paddle pop sticks to stay centred. “The best way to do it is to use gladwrap. Chuck it over the top of all of the glasses and then you're going to poke popsicle sticks into it so it sets straight.”

Place in the freezer for a few hours. Remove from icy pole containers or glasses and serve.