When Broadsheet announced that cheery Redfern bar The Sunshine Inn was closing, we hinted at another local “hospo talent” moving in. Well, not quite. Four hospo talents will be moving in, launching Attenzione Food & Wine in late July.

The brief leans Euro: small snacky, “Italian-ish” plates that are big on flavour and simplicity join a globe-spanning wine list big on interesting drops; with a moody fit-out that’s as nice solo, with friends or your lover. The MO is informed by each co-owner’s own hospo experience. There’s Felix Colman, part-owner and operator of Ragazzi and Fabbrica; former Yellow manager Toby Davis; Toby Stansfield of Lola’s in Bondi; and Dexter Kim, the ex-Buffet Digital videographer who’s also spent time on the Ragazzi pans.

“We’re steering away from pretentious food, there’s a big focus on making things a bit less complicated, with consistent, easy flavours that aren’t going to push the boundaries too much,” Colman tells Broadsheet. “The food is there for the wine.”

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The wine list is being developed in house, concentrating on classic drops from winemakers all over the globe. (It’s also tipped to have a section dedicated to nebbiolo.) They’re keen to get those who are interested in joining the wine discovery journey on their way. “I’ve been working in wine for a long time, and it’s very much a passion,” Colman says. “I love the culture that comes around that kind of passion for wine and food.”

The team’s getting ready to rip out the long row of seats that the Sunny team had, replacing it with a banquette on the side wall and a row of middle seats to open up the room. Spy on the kitchen through the open pass. The DD’s space out back will eventually be a private dining room. “We want all that energy in the front room. It’s got that big window and lots of people walking past to see what’s going on.”

As the menu stands now, it’s standout. A singular, thick strand of pici sauced up with cacio e pepe is perhaps the most perfect wine accompaniment we’ve seen (and an excellent option should you not want to commit to a full bowl). Expect gnocco fritto and tonnato vitello, a golden saffron corn bread with prawns, plus cuts of dry-aged dairy cow from Emilio’s, the team’s “favourite” Sydney butcher.

The name Attenzione came from an oft-shared story involving an Italian mother shouting “Attenzione!” to her daughter (their friend) every time a hot (read: tall) man walked by. While the team’s not encouraging you to yell at hotties, there’ll be more than one hot dish that’ll capture your attention.

“We’re trying to make a neighbourhood-y casual vibe, that drop-in-on-your-way-home thing.”

Attenzione Food & Wine is slated to open at 180 Redfern Street, Redfern, in late July. Ahead of opening, the team will be in residence at PS40's Takeover Tuesday pop-up. Book in via bookings@ps40bar.com for June 18 or June 25 to try a few plates before the digs open.