Burgers, fried chicken, doughnuts, milkshakes and barbeque abounds in Sydney. We've well and truly embraced American food but there’s one notable absence – the hot dog. Father-and-son team Lindsay and Jack Stratton is changing that.

"I've always been curious about hot dogs. You know, going to the footy and coming out late at night, to have a dog from a cart. I always loved it but I was always sceptical about what's in the darn thing,” says Lindsay. His hot-dog joint serves high quality sausages with creative toppings he has formulated with chef Brendan Hill (ex-Aria. The most out there is the katsu dog, a bun filled with two juicy fillets of chicken katsu topped with cabbage, bonito flakes, nori, wasabi mayo and a soy-Worcestershire blend.

The other dogs are more classic; their challenge to the hot-dog stereotype is more about the quality of the ingredients. A Bratwurst comes naked or with sauce and onions; beef sausages are topped with mustard, caramelised onion and cheddar; and a Toulouse sausage comes with sautéed mushrooms and truffle aioli. “I wanted to make sure we actually had artisan-type sausages. I was prepared to go anywhere on the east coast to find them,” Stratton says. Luckily Pino’s Dolce Vita Fine Foods is just a few suburbs over; it supplies the Italian and French sausages. Rudi’s in Kirrawee makes all the German ones. The ice-cream, used to make a pavlova reminiscent of baklava and a salted-caramel ice-cream sandwich, is from Cronulla’s Frangipani.

Although the menu is pretty straightforward – 10 hot dogs, two salads, fries (with an option of loading them with toppings) and desserts – there's a lot going on. The front bar serves Glee coffee (a popular Central Coast roaster) and fresh juices during the day. At night there’s a switch to wine and cocktails. “You can go anywhere and get a dodgy frankfurter and a can of Coke. We wanted to make it different,” says Lindsay. The bar itself is tiled, reminiscent of a swanky Turkish hotel bathroom. The rest of the venue is made up of a wall of antique window shutters and a back wall is designed to look like an American hot-dog van.

1/98 Cronulla Street, Cronulla
(02) 9527 4446

Mon to Thu 10am–8pm
Fri to Sat 10am–10pm