Matthew Petrucci used to work in IT. Before that, he was a qualified cook. Now he’s behind a new loose-leaf tea brand alongside designer Jasmin Wong. Together, the two launched Endeavour with the aim of melding high-quality tea experiences with gourmet local produce.

“I’m a long-term tea drinker myself; I decided I wanted to focus on a product that reflected gourmet flavour in the way of tea,” says Petrucci. He took a tea-blending course in Geelong. Within six months, the brand was born.

While future plans include cocktail concentrates, savoury tea-inspired food and partnerships with cafes and restaurants resulting in curated and location-specific blends, for now it’s all about the tea. Leaves are sourced from overseas, but the team supplements blends with as much Australian-grown produce as possible.

“Our black teas are our own recipes; we take leaves, we profile them, we cut them and we sell as is,” says Petrucci. “The tea is 60 per cent leaf content. We want to protect the integrity of the tea.”

The range features fruity, floral compositions – such as the black-tea-based Summer Sonnet, a medley of mango, mandarin and jasmine. The Tropical Slice is made up of Sencha pineapple, mango and coconut. There are also cocktail-inspired blends (such as the Cherry Sour, a rooibos blend with a tart grenadine focus) and the classics: breakfast, afternoon, Earl Grey and Chai blends. All are hand-blended in Sydney.

“I like to incorporate botanicals and herbs and flowers to have flavours and interest in the blend,” Petrucci says.

The packaging, designed by Wong, follows a minimal aesthetic. Tea is packaged in craft-paper bags, although the pair hopes to partner with local ceramists to develop special-edition canisters: “What’s the good in sharing loose-leaf teas if you don’t have great pots or cups to drink them from?”

Petrucci and Wong plan to alter offerings seasonally, always working with the same ethos: local, small-batch and “for the everyday”.