Aki Daikos, the creator of the extremely popular Tella Ball (a Nutella-filled doughnut that also comes served atop a milkshake at Foodcraft Espresso) is opening the first ever Tella Balls Dessert Bar.

Daikos has told Broadsheet the dessert bar will potentially open in Dulwich Hill in early December.

The inspiration came from a trip to Dubai last year. “I went to Eataly and they had a Nutella dessert bar there. I said to myself, ‘I am going to make sure we have something like this in Sydney next year’.”

The hazelnut-chocolate spread will be at the heart of the Tella Balls Dessert Bar, with crepes, waffles and pancakes all covered in Nutella. It will also create new shake flavours, such as Kit-Kat and Snickers.

The dessert bar will release around 10 new doughnut flavours, including Belgian chocolate; peanut butter; lemon butter; cookies and cream; and cheesecake.

It doesn’t stop there. There’ll be a cabinet full of cakes, Nutella brownies, Nutella banana bread, cheesecakes and Nutella éclairs. Daikos says there will also be a surprise product coming out of Italy exclusive to the Tella Balls Dessert Bar.

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This is the first-ever Nutella dessert bar in Sydney, and if Daikos gets his way, there will be more of them in the future.