Roy Yu is pretty confident about the latest addition to the menu at Haven, his Surry Hills cafe. It features scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese and spinach leaves, sandwiched between a milk bun.

"The smoked salmon has a beautiful smoky flavour,” says Yu. “You can even smell the hickory chips in the fish we’ve chosen. The silky smooth texture of the Philadelphia cream cheese really balances this out."

Yu says it’s an easy dish to make at home. But you need to have the basics covered.

First Yu suggests a tip for scrambling eggs that will achieve optimum creaminess.

“The trick is to remove the pan from the heat while the egg mixture is still a bit runny,” he says. “[It should be] about 80 per cent done. While it’s cooling down it’ll form that creamy texture,” he says.

Yu also says to make sure the bread you use is soft and spongy. He recommends a milk bun to complement the overall creaminess of the dish.

In Haven’s year and a half of operation, Yu says he’s noticed patrons are seeking more adventurous flavours. In response, Haven has been introducing Asian touches to Western dishes.

Yu has a tip for applying this to the lunch roll, saying: “For a subtle oriental flavour you can smoke your salmon using Chinese tea leaves.”

To accompany the smoked salmon roll, Yu advises cutting through the rich flavours with a fresh fruit juice or cup of tea between bites.

Update: This item is no longer available in-store. Here's how to make Haven’s Smoked Salmon Lunch Roll at home.

Haven’s Smoked Salmon Lunch Roll
Makes one serve

2 eggs
20ml pouring cream
Salt and pepper
1 milk bun, halved
2 tbsp Philadelphia cream cheese
4 smoked salmon slices
10 spinach leaves

Beat eggs, cream, salt and pepper. Toast bun until golden. Spread Philadelphia cream cheese on bun. Cook scrambled egg mix. To assemble the roll, add smoked salmon, eggs and spinach.

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