Fans of rum can now get it made to their specifications. Surry Hills’ Brix Distillers is now taking orders for personalised 20-litre barrels of craft rum.

“The Brix Barrel experience is special,” Brix Distillery co-founder Damien Barrow told Broadsheet. “It gives the customer an opportunity to delve deeper into the rum-making process, learn about nuances of barrel selection and what impact that barrel has on the rum-ageing process.”

You’ll be taken under the wing of head distiller Shane Casey (previously of Archie Rose Distillery) to learn about balancing the flavours – be it lightly or heavily charred. You’ll then need to decide which barrel you’d like to use, an ex-whisky, chardonnay or shiraz cask. Once you’ve chosen, Casey will help you distil, fill and seal the barrel before it is signed, stamped and stacked in the Brix barrel room. Then you need to hand over $3500 and wait two years for it to fully mature.

In the meantime, you get a tour of the distillery and a tasting for four people, and you enjoy a membership to Brix Family, which gets you a lifetime discount of 10 per cent at the bar where you’ll find Brix’s core range as well as more than 150 top-shelf rum labels from around the world (including El Dorado and Chairman’s Reserve).

You can also make an appointment to pop in at any time to taste 15 millilitres of your personal spirit, as well as take home two 200-millilitre samples during the ageing process.

“The spirit will start to take on its own very slight flavour profile in a matter of weeks after the barrel is filled,” Barrow says, “but we would suggest tasting after six to nine months, and then again 12 months later as this will allow enough time for significant change to occur.”

At the end of the roughly two-year ageing period you can choose to have the barrel decanted and bottled into your own personalised Brix labeled bottle, or even leave it in the barrel and install a tap to pour directly from it.