Barista Haus cafe is the latest addition to Rockdale, bringing an inner-city flavour to an otherwise uninspiring strip. Tucked down an alleyway near the post office, this space is all gleaming-white subway tiles, polished-concrete floors and hanging pot plants. Pops of sunshiny yellow are scattered throughout, from the chairs to the cups. It’s good, clean fun.

Head barista Jess Reynolds, who manages the cafe with two silent partners, is clearly very excited about what Barista Haus can do for the area. “We have a real passion for coffee and are so excited to share something new with the community. The response from the locals of Rockdale has been amazing" she says. "We want to give our customers more than just a cup of coffee, its about creating a welcoming and positive experience for them every time" explains Reynolds.

While fresh sandwiches are prepared daily, and sticky cronuts beckon from behind the counter, coffee by Melbourne’s St ALi is the focus at this cafe. “We personally love it, I think the market is shifting toward a lighter roast and what St ALi offers is very different to what Rockdale and even Sydney is used to. The beans are so rich and full of flavour, but it’s not that overwhelming punch you can get from the dark roasts they serve everywhere else. We want to educate our customers.”

It’s easy to see why the feedback from commuters rushing to get their cappuccinos on the way to work has been resoundingly positive. While the team’s focus is on the cafe, there are plans to turn Barista Haus into a bar on the last Friday of every month, to capitalise on the lack of small bars in Rockdale.

Barista Haus
4/495 Princess Highway, Rockdale
(02) 9599 8980

Mon to Fri 6am–4pm